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Do you think the word selfish is a bad word?

I used to think it was. I mean, look at what us Coaches do for a living! We’re “all about other people!” But we’ve learned that the only way that we can give our best to others, is when we are sure to cut out the time in our schedules to focus just on ourselves! I call it “filling my spiritual gas tank.” We will take a close look at this idea while working with one another to be sure that you are taking time for YOU, so you have plenty to offer the people that mean most in your life.

Is your happiness underrated?

How many couples do you know that remain together despite their constant claim of being unhappy? Why? “We are staying together for the kids” “I’ll lose too much in the divorce” “Maybe they’ll change” “How am I going to start over at my age?” “What will our friends think?” Have you heard these excuses from people you know?! I recognize this is a very sensitive topic, and I want you to know that our basic theme that we stand by in our method of coaching at Talk Whisperer is that every person has the right to be happy every single day of their lives. We understand that you may not achieve it, but you do have the right to be! We explore the circumstances of your life, the stresses that may be present, and see what possibilities can be created.

On a scale of 1-10, how well do you…

…communicate with your Partner? 

What rating did you give yourself? In a short amount of time, we can create specific Communication Rules for you both, and troubleshoot anything that you may feel is not working as well as it could by first quickly identifying your respective styles of communication. In addition, we will examine all the ways (in-person, texts, emails, etc.) that you communicate with one another. Streamlining your approach with one another will save SO much time, and unnecessary disputes with one another! Making the effort now to establish a strong ‘communication foundation’ will pay huge dividends down the road!

Your Relationship

Let’s get a couple of very important things clear…, this is not about the accusation that something is wrong with you, or your partner, so throw that mindset out the window now! We don’t work off of a model of how the two of you ‘should’ be, it is what naturally works for the two of you, your unique personalities, lifestyles, & priorities. Two, it does not matter how long the two of you have been together to make big changes! I have worked with couples that have been together for over 40 years, and was able to create massive change in long-term relationships where it seemed all was lost. And three, this type of work DOES NOT have to be with your partner involved if they are resistant to making the effort to participate in the coaching sessions. It is VERY possible that if you make some changes to your behavior & habits, that your Partner will naturally adjust. At risk of using a silly example, it is a very common pattern on the popular National Geographic show “The Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan,” that when he helps coach changes with the owner’s behavior, then it automatically creates change in the dog. A change in your behavior will directly cause a change in EVERYONE’S behavior around you (including your pets! Ha!)

Is this you?

“I can’t ________for myself because….” do you hear yourself use that phrase often? The work that we will do together will explore all of the mental, physical, emotional, & spiritual priorities in your life currently to see if/how they are being satisfied.

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Your Life

We can have the impression that our lives get very complicated, and the thought of changing anything can be complicated as well, but that is not necessarily true! One of the concepts that we were introduced to in my professional training was to treat the immediate symptoms, in other words, help create immediate change in our clients lives, and then the need to ‘dig deep’ into their psychological background may not be necessary. I’m going to let you in on a trend that Therapists notice all the time, most people are not preventative when it comes to the overall welfare of their lives. We see trouble brewing from far away, but we just let it get worse and worse! Most people need to be in A LOT of pain (usually emotional pain) before they decide that they need to do something about it. We are very durable creatures, and we can put up with a whole lot of crap before we finally say “that’s it, I can’t take anymore!” So, are you in enough pain yet that it’s worth making the effort to change? Good. Then reach out and make that first call to us right now, I assure you that it will be better than a massage, a vacation, & a stiff drink, combined!

Personal Image Consulting

Are you carrying yourself in such a way that would give others a negative impression of you? Do you have a complete awareness of your body language, and how others are reading you? Some of us can accurately read body language, some of us cannot do it so well. We will train you on how to carry yourself appropriately, and how to read others so you can make the best possible impression.

We will go through a simple process of identifying:

  • exactly who you are
  • what’s important for you to get across
  • and how you want to say it

What did you say?!

I need not mention how important volume is when you are public speaking, but I will anyway! One of the things that I will teach you to do is something that you actually do every day, breathing. You would never really believe how important breathing is when speaking, until you recognize the difference when you are doing it right!