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To provide a resource and community for every individual that will enable them to simultaneously express their intrinsic intention in the world, with all of the effective-communication tools available to them so they are universally acknowledged and understood.

Meet the Talk Whisperer Team:

Cory Baker

Talk Tech Coach

Cory has been a Professional Coach for over 10 years now, but has been “coaching” his whole life. He was the kind-of-guy that would not only be happy to help a friend in need, but was immediately compelled to problem-solve. Cory’s formal education started in Orlando where he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre from the University of Central Florida. Years after, he attended and received a Certificate of Hypnotherapy from HMI (Hypnosis Motivation Institute), which is the first nationally-accredited training college of its kind. Other certifications include a Masters in NLP Communications (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). Cory also taught public school for 16 years, ranging in every grade from K thru 12, mainstream & Special-Ed.

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          A Message from the Founder of Talk Whisperer, Cory D. Baker:

           Talk Whisperer was born out of necessity. I have personally witnessed, or been directly part of, so much painful miscommunication in my life that includes many members of my Family, and thousands of children that I have taught. I did my very best to gain understanding with my Family, as I did with every child that was in front of me in the classroom. I held myself accountable on any occasions that I felt that I was out of line, offered apology when it was appropriate, and made my best attempt to rectify the situation. To witness so many barbs being tossed back-and-forth is just as bad as witnessing senseless violence, knowing that some of it can cause immeasurable damage. What drives my endless motivation is not the pain necessarily, but my certainty that most of those ugly situations were avoidable if responsible communication was practiced! This would be just a theoretical statement to make if it was not well-supported with a strategy and an approach that is unprecedented.

          Why was Talk Whisperer Designed?

          Talk Whisperer is designed to help all that want to ‘right the ship,’ and create new communication skills before further damage is done in your life, or teach you how to communicate with someone close to you that is the ‘bad communicator.’ There is no ‘dog’ that can’t learn ‘new tricks’ with our approach. We also want to teach these skills to your children, so they will have this priceless gift from you to carry-on for generations to come. So where do we begin this exciting process? First, with a common understanding of where we have come from.

          Beyond the Formal Educational System

          Those of us that were educated within the standard, formal education system were taught what words meant, how to spell them, and how to write them in a well-structured sentence. But we were not taught how to say them to one another! For many of us, we have learned how to act and communicate with one another based on the mirroring example of the culture that we were raised in. I use the term act to describe all of the effective, and seemingly detrimental behaviors that we either adopted from those we grew up around, or created independently, based on our perceived experiences in the world.

          When I use the term communicate, I’m referring to the verbal language, dialect, body language, and the tone of voice that we typically use. To have effective communication with everyone in our lives, its important to understand ‘where the other person is coming from.’ We do this by making an extra effort to communicate in a way that we believe best gets our point across to that specific type of person(s). It’s just as important to also pay close attention to their reactions so that we have our best chance of being understood. It’s with this premise, that Talk Whisperer is wholeheartedly devoted.

          We are committed to ‘going on the whole journey’ with our clientele so that the goals you establish can be achieved no matter the given circumstances. There’s a reason why they call it ‘growing pains,’ but the satisfying payoff always makes it worth it! It’s important to be candid and honest with yourself and ask the question, “Who have I been, and what choices have I made in my life thus far that has left me discontent?

          Our Goal at Talk Whisperer

          Our goal at Talk Whisperer is to have EVERY client possess the confidence to consider themselves a good communicator overall, and that they have the ability to effectively communicate through any challenging circumstance that they may find themselves in. Once our client achieves this level of confidence and ability, then all of your established goals in life will have a much better chance of being accomplished. For example, if your children often perceive that you have a condescending tone when you speak to them, then how does that hurt your chances of reaching your goal to stay closely connected to your children? Or, we notice that your body language is communicating low confidence. How would that hurt your chances to reach your professional goals? Did you know that there is a good, and a bad way to hug someone? It’ true. So what if your goal is to find the love of your life, but you don’t realize that you’re sending the wrong message in your hug to appeal to a new love interest? Getting the full picture yet of how we can serve you?

          What Makes Talk Whisperer Different

          We understand that there are many Life Coaching companies out there, but what makes Talk Whisperer the most comprehensive Coaching company in the world, is that we also pay particularly close attention to, and specialize in effective-communication on a more extensive level than any other programs. We could not be more excited that you have come across our opportunity to get you started on your “path of success” that will be worth all of the effort that you will devote a million times over! NOW IS THE TIME that you need to pick up the phone and call us without any further delay, so we can help you answer the questions that you may still have about the right course of action for you. We look forward to connecting with you.

          And remember, it’s not what you say, its how you say it.

          I wish you all the success in the world!

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          What people are saying about us:

          I have no reservations in saying that Cory Baker is one of the highest quality people that I know. He is genuinely attentive to and considerate of the lives of other people in a manner I have seldom seen. As a person of intellectual curiosity, honesty, and who firmly believes in helping his friends and acquaintances, Cory has a way of relating to and empathizing with people that is rare, sincere and that makes him exceptionally well suited to the nature of his work. I have consulted with him with regard to his professional services and was impressed by his deep understanding and appreciation for his profession, and at how readily and thoroughly he was able to separate personal and professional matters. I cannot overemphasize how selective and particular I am with regard to my health and well being and I have complete trust and confidence in Cory’s professional services.

          It is inconceivable to me that anyone would have anything but positive comments with regard to Cory’s personal and professional character, integrity, and competence and strongly feel that he would be a valuable asset to any individual or organization.

          B.A. FilmmakerUS

          Cory, how do I say thank you for giving me a life I could never have imagined?  I smile, appreciate what I have, and am enjoying life more than ever.  Obviously, not all moments are perfect but most are far more positive than negative.  I just wish we had connected years ago.  You are my Therapist, Confidant, Teacher, and friend and I appreciate all of these roles you encompass.  You have enabled me to gather the strength to move forward, something often difficult!

          One of the most important things I’ve learned from you is my ability to control my breathing.  It is an invaluable tool and should be taught to children. It takes minutes and has instant impact.  Delving into the emotional baggage in my mind and my heart has not been an easy journey.  However, I am so very glad that I have traveled this road with you.

          E.B.Office ManagerUS

          Cory Baker has been my Hypnotherapist and Coach for the past eight months. This has been a time of enormous transition in almost every area of my life, and with Cory’s support I have navigated the changes with intention, courage, and grace. He is a man of high integrity and uncommon talent, and his commitment to his clients’ growth is unshakable. I have accomplished so many successes that I directly attribute to the work that Cory and I have done. Eight months ago I was living for everyone but myself; now my life is filled with opportunities and experiences I used to only dream of. I am grateful to have such a resource as Cory in my life.


          As a client of ours, KEEPING CONFIDENTIALITY of any and all of your personal and/or professional information is a TOP PRIORITY for us. Upon your request, we will also not reveal your affiliation with us at all.