Rates for Personal Programs

(For BUSINESS PROGRAM rates, please refer to the other Rates Page in that section)

Personal Coaching

  Standard Sessions:


“A Test Drive” Session (1 Session ): $195
Bronze Session Package (4 Sessions): $695 (savings of $85)
Silver Session Package (7 Sessions): $1240 (savings of $125)
Gold Session Package (10 Sessions): $1750 (savings of $200)


(Standard sessions are 2 hrs. long)


*An hourly rate is available upon request


  “Reset Button” Phone Sessions: Are spur-of-the-moment phone sessions when something comes up and needs to be dealt with quickly, and you do not have a scheduled session. For instance:

  • my ________ just pissed me off really bad and I’m going to blow my stack!
  • the “big exam” is coming up…
  • the job interview or big meeting is in an hour!
  • the surgical procedure has me pretty nervous…
  • family is coming into town!

These can be arranged with short notice, and usually the same day it is requested. We charge per 15-minute increments proportional to the package rate that you selected.


 Intensive Sessions:


3hr. Intensive:               $275

5hr. Intensive:               $395

7hr. Intensive:               $495

Intensive Sessions are designed for clients that want to get results fast. Usually they are preferred when it is clear that there is a good deal of progress to be made. This format works well for individuals, couples, & family members.


***Prices may vary based on family/group size

Personal Trainings
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Special Programs
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What people are saying about us:

My coaching sessions with Cory Baker have definitely helped shape my life for the better. He takes his time and really listens to me. Cory puts a lot of thought into what he says and the direction of the hypnosis and exercises. He is able to offer a different perspective. Through our discussions and time working together I have also taken on a new and healthier outlook. The work with Cory is relaxing, thought provoking, fun, and transforming. I feel more centered and confident after our sessions. Thank You Cory! I would recommend sessions with Cory to anyone I care about who would like a different way of looking at things but especially at themselves.

K.P.Actress/ Voiceover ArtistUS

Cory Baker has been my Hypnotherapist and Coach for the past eight months. This has been a time of enormous transition in almost every area of my life, and with Cory’s support I have navigated the changes with intention, courage, and grace. He is a man of high integrity and uncommon talent, and his commitment to his clients’ growth is unshakable. I have accomplished so many successes that I directly attribute to the work that Cory and I have done. Eight months ago I was living for everyone but myself; now my life is filled with opportunities and experiences I used to only dream of. I am grateful to have such a resource as Cory in my life.


I have no reservations in saying that Cory Baker is one of the highest quality people that I know. He is genuinely attentive to and considerate of the lives of other people in a manner I have seldom seen. As a person of intellectual curiosity, honesty, and who firmly believes in helping his friends and acquaintances, Cory has a way of relating to and empathizing with people that is rare, sincere and that makes him exceptionally well suited to the nature of his work. I have consulted with him with regard to his professional services and was impressed by his deep understanding and appreciation for his profession, and at how readily and thoroughly he was able to separate personal and professional matters. I cannot overemphasize how selective and particular I am with regard to my health and well being and I have complete trust and confidence in Cory’s professional services.

It is inconceivable to me that anyone would have anything but positive comments with regard to Cory’s personal and professional character, integrity, and competence and strongly feel that he would be a valuable asset to any individual or organization.

B.A. FilmmakerUS

Cory, how do I say thank you for giving me a life I could never have imagined?  I smile, appreciate what I have, and am enjoying life more than ever.  Obviously, not all moments are perfect but most are far more positive than negative.  I just wish we had connected years ago.  You are my Therapist, Confidant, Teacher, and friend and I appreciate all of these roles you encompass.  You have enabled me to gather the strength to move forward, something often difficult!

One of the most important things I’ve learned from you is my ability to control my breathing.  It is an invaluable tool and should be taught to children. It takes minutes and has instant impact.  Delving into the emotional baggage in my mind and my heart has not been an easy journey.  However, I am so very glad that I have traveled this road with you.

E.B.Office ManagerUS