Special Programs

We are only just getting started! Over the next couple of years, Talk Whisperer will be rolling out some programs that you will love! It will be the steady growth of a Life Skills Institute for Adults & Children that will offer specialized education in the following areas: Male & female personal development, Effective-Communication, Couples Coaching, Sex, Social etiquette, Business 101, Sports skills, & varied programs for children. Stay tuned, and keep checking back with us!

Special Programs:

Teen Communication Playshop

You are always seeking new & exciting ways to educate and entertain your Teens, right? Well, now this Program will have the "upper hand!" Speaking of "upper hand," do you know where that saying came from? Well, teaching...

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Man Up: The Rite of Passage

For thousands of years Man has lived in a tribal-like community. It has been a natural environment that would offer accountability, friendship, support & wisdom from the other men in the tribe. In more recent times, there has clearly been...

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A Message from the Founder of Talk Whisperer

on March 1, 2015 by TalkWhisperer

Multiple Categories
Talk Whisperer was born out of necessity. I have personally witnessed, or been directly part of, so much painful miscommunication in my life that includes many members of my Family, and thousands of children that I have taught. I did my...

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Do you think the word selfish is a bad word?

on December 31, 2014 by TalkWhisperer

Your Life
I used to think it was. I mean, look at what us Coaches do for a living! We’re “all about other people!” But we’ve learned that the only way that we can give our best to others, is when we...

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Is your happiness underrated?

on December 16, 2014 by TalkWhisperer

Your Relationship
How many couples do you know that remain together despite their constant claim of being unhappy? Why? “We are staying together for the kids” “I’ll lose too much in the divorce” “Maybe they’ll change” “How am I going to start...

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What people are saying about us:

Cory Baker has been my Hypnotherapist and Coach for the past eight months. This has been a time of enormous transition in almost every area of my life, and with Cory’s support I have navigated the changes with intention, courage, and grace. He is a man of high integrity and uncommon talent, and his commitment to his clients’ growth is unshakable. I have accomplished so many successes that I directly attribute to the work that Cory and I have done. Eight months ago I was living for everyone but myself; now my life is filled with opportunities and experiences I used to only dream of. I am grateful to have such a resource as Cory in my life.


Cory, how do I say thank you for giving me a life I could never have imagined?  I smile, appreciate what I have, and am enjoying life more than ever.  Obviously, not all moments are perfect but most are far more positive than negative.  I just wish we had connected years ago.  You are my Therapist, Confidant, Teacher, and friend and I appreciate all of these roles you encompass.  You have enabled me to gather the strength to move forward, something often difficult!

One of the most important things I’ve learned from you is my ability to control my breathing.  It is an invaluable tool and should be taught to children. It takes minutes and has instant impact.  Delving into the emotional baggage in my mind and my heart has not been an easy journey.  However, I am so very glad that I have traveled this road with you.

E.B.Office ManagerUS

My coaching sessions with Cory Baker have definitely helped shape my life for the better. He takes his time and really listens to me. Cory puts a lot of thought into what he says and the direction of the hypnosis and exercises. He is able to offer a different perspective. Through our discussions and time working together I have also taken on a new and healthier outlook. The work with Cory is relaxing, thought provoking, fun, and transforming. I feel more centered and confident after our sessions. Thank You Cory! I would recommend sessions with Cory to anyone I care about who would like a different way of looking at things but especially at themselves.

K.P.Actress/ Voiceover ArtistUS